ReflectivePractices.co.uk is a blog about contemplation, meditation and prayer. It is non-denominational and non-religious.

My standpoint is that within each one of us there exists a space of Stillness. When we experience this inner silence we can gain perspective on our lives, our struggles and our place in this world.

My own experience is that of a meditator. I have been practising since the late 1990s and have found that regular meditation allows me to take myself less seriously, be more loving and to follow through on my instincts even when the voices in my head tell me to stop.

I believe that this experience is open to all regardless of culture and belief, and I strongly beleive that if more people took some time in their day to “go within” thier lives, and the world, would be better, more peaceful and compassionate.

I hope you enjoy the articles.