Why Expectation May Hinder Your Inner Development


Here’s an interesting video I came across on You Tube feauturing Narain Ishaya the author of Chit Happens: A Guide To Discovering Divinity filmed during a presentation at a Watkins Books in London.

In it he describes through his own experience the simplicity of discovering inner peace. One of his main points is that experiencing silence / oneness is simple and that it is possible to be “free” in an instant.

He shares that one of the biggest impediments to realising our true nature is the widely-held belief that it is something difficult and that a number of the world’s meditation approaches suffer not because of any fault with the practice, but with the lack of correct guidance.

A living experience of divinity is possible with the slightest change of our perspective, as we don’t notice what is already within us. The simplicity of this approach is what is baffling to the mind and it is something that can only reveal it self when we are free of the mind’s infuence and our expectations of what “consciousness” is like.

You can find out more about him and buy his book at his website http://www.narainishaya.com/


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